Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Hat Parade & Easter Cupcakes

We had our annual Easter Hat Parade at school last Wednesday. That's my day off so I got to go to school just as a mum and see Termite 1. Apparently Termite 1 was very uncooperative and didn't want to make a hat. He told his teacher that we didn't do Easter. Unfortunately for him, since I work at the same school his teacher wrote me a note to ask me. Let's just say that Termite 1 got to do some of his hat in lunchtime!

For Termite 1's class and for mine, I decided to make some Easter Egg Topped Cupckaes. I got the idea from an IGA junk mail catalogue. These went down really well and since it was the last day of school many of the students weren't at school so some of the teachers got spoilt too.

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