Monday, April 5, 2010

Getting Visitors

Yesterday was my nephew's birthday. He turned 13. He's coming for a holiday tomorrow with his mum (my twin sister) and his sister. They haven't been here for 15 months. I've gone back home - HEAPS, but my darling twin sister hasn't bothered visiting me in OVER 15 MONTHS!!


Getting visitors is a good old excuse to getting some cooking done. I have been finding some more wonderful cooking blogs and came across a great idea for cupcakes from Recipe Girl. Bunny Cupcakes. I couldn't resist!

We'll be using these tomorrow for my nephew's birthday party.

And what's a party without a birthday cake? I was going to make him a giant cupcake cake with my newly purchased cake tin, but realised I didn't have enought cake batter and I didn't want to make up another mix, so I thought Rainbow Cake! Termite 2 loves rainbows. He helped me put it into the cake tin and then I swirled it around and it looked fabulous.

So now we eagerly await their arrival tomorrow. Tomorrow's jobs include changing all the Termites bedding and then getting the guest beds ready. Some movement of furniture will be necessary.

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  1. I wish I was your nephew!!! What a beautiful selection of gorgeous cakes. The rainbow one looks great.