Thursday, April 8, 2010

Frames Are Up!!

I took my sister to my house on Tuesday so I could show her the slab (oh how I love my slab... I'm proud of my slab). A couple of guys were there doing some plumbing stuff - digging big massive trenches in the dirt (well muddy, claggy dirt).

One of the guys said that the frames would be there on Thursday (that's today). I didn't get there during the day cause my sister and I went shopping.

So I went up there tonight. I felt compelled to photograph the progress as it happens. I arrived thinking that I would see a bunch of timber laying around and instead saw frames! How cool. Now I know that I have to go up every day. The photos aren't the best cause it was dark so I will take some more photos in daylight tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Sharon I have been away a few days and WOW your frames are up. How wonderful is that. I was in Perth and also went to visit Sandra's house and their walls are up too.
    I guess that means the trusses for the roof must be next??