Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

So the Easter Bunny came and left each of the Termites a trail of little eggs in their room leading to their main treat. They love this! Each of the Termites came and got me to show me before they collected the eggs. Well trained Termites.

Termite 1 got a Strawberry Freddo pack and the traditional Easter Bunny as well as his trail eggs.

Termite 2 got a Dragon Bucket (he LOOOVES dragons), the Easter Bunny and his trail eggs.

Termite 3 got a Freddo Frog pack, Easter Bunny and trail eggs.

It is tradition that chocolate is allowed for breakfast. After allowing the Termites to go for it I realise that it is time to form some important rules for next year. Here's why:

The chocolate massacre. Termite 3 had so much fine pulling his eggs apart after I showed him how I used to do it when I was a kid (and young adult... and when it was just me and his sister... and heck, I still do it! It's fun!).

What do I do? Put a small hole at the top of the egg or bunny. And then with your fingers you break off small pieces and place inside. Keep going until you end up with a 'nest' of broken up pieces.

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  1. Looks like all the Termites had a ball with their eggs etc.