Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Illawarra Fly

On Sunday my sister and I and our collection of Termites took a drive to the Illawarra Fly. It was my sister's shout and I wasn't going to say no.

As it turned out my Termites were very brave during the tree top walk. The outer walkways wobbled. Termite 3 was scared the most. And it turns out that my sister... my TWIN sister is scared of heights! And I didn't know! What kind of sister does that make me?

After the tree top walk we continued on with our drive and went and had a look at Belmore Falls. This was spectacular! We went a different way home and had to drive on more dirt road. We came to a corner to say that water was on the road and indicators showed depth. When I kept going I had to stop! Here was this running water on the road and either side was water - a creek, or as my sister said 'holes'. To top it off I couldn't turn around if I wanted to; one lane in dirt... too hard and then the road straight ahead (after I went on the itty bitty road was a hill! Of course I'm brave and just forged ahead... oh my goodness...

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