Monday, March 29, 2010

Slab is Down!

Now Ken told me last week when I met him that the slab would be poored on either Tue or Wed. It was done today! How can I possibly go away for the holidays if things will get done quickly? I don't want to miss a step. Here's some photos:

Here's the view from my bedroom:

The front view:

The view looking across from the garage. It was looking a bit bigger today.

Just cutting the corner of the garage and looking across the guest bedroom, entrance and then my room.

And just for fun; here's the view of the house from the back. The cement bit on the back of the house is where the water tank will be. And see the garage on the left? All that dirt bit on the left of the photo will be the pergola.

And yes it was raining today. I'm guessing that I will get another letter delaying construction. Things are moving along...


  1. Wow!! Once the slab is cured things will move fast. can't wait for your next pics, Sharon.

    See what happens when I don't check out blogland for a day.