Thursday, April 8, 2010

Zebra Cake

How cool is this idea? I came across the Zebra Cake last night when I was surfing six different cooking blogs (and I'm still doing that tonight!). It is from The Food Librarian. There are some absolutely fabulous step-by-step pictures of how to do this cake. Go on over and have a look and then make sure you do it. It was fun and such a simple concept.

When I made my cake I used 1/2 cup for each of the vanilla and chocolate but next time I'd do 1/4 cup measurements. On AZ Cookbook she did 3 tablespoons of each. Check out her website too to see how close she got her stripes to go. For some reason my cake split. I do think it is the oven cause there's many things I cook that bake unevenly - if I do cupcakes the left ones cook faster than the right ones.

Too cover up the splits on the cake I thought I'd do a nice frosting. Why don't I ever listen to my first instinct? My first thought was to do a cream frosting with a hint of vanilla and sugar in it - very delicious, but no, I had to look at one of my cooking magazines and do the chocolate frosting that used chocolate and sour cream. Following the recipe exactly? No! I used dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate and there was a distinct 'tart' floavour to the frosting. Note to self: listen to self.

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