Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Loungeroom

This is my loungeroom. I didn't think to turn the lights on for the carpeted photo. Don't mind the neighbour's mess!

My Office

These are the before and after photos for the flooring.

The Carpet & Wooden Flooring

This photo shows off the carpet really well and also the flooring. This is the entrance to my room.

The Kitchen

Moving in took just over a week and we had to wait for the appliances to go in. The kitchen looks great. Love my 900mm oven. So worth it.

And Then This Happened...

So things were going OK with having to deal with looking after (entertaining) three Termites, moving in whilst the rain pounded down, and then just trying to organise things when this happened:Yep, it happened just before lunch on the Saturday. So guess who spent 3 hours up at the hospital? Yep, yours truly. And then I was told that Termite 1 would have to have SURGERY the next day at Wollongong. Oh please be there at 7am OK?(that meant a 5am start). A temporary cast was put on and we went back home.

So Sunday was spent away from the moving in. It was nearly a 12 hour day. Termite 1 loved having his own bed in the children's ward whilst we waited. He was very brave. He got to wear a special gown and cap.

Termite 1 gets the cast off on the 23rd August. It's been a long six weeks.

So how did it happen?
Well on the Saturday Termite 1 and Termite 2 thought it would be fun to run around my loungeroom cause it's so big compared to the other house. Of course I did the mum thing of saying "Stop running around the room", "Someone's going to get hurt" etc etc.

Well, before too long, Termite 1 came up to me and said that his arm hurt cause Termite 2 made him fall over. I did the caring mum thing by saying "Don't care, I told you to stop running around", "Well now sit down and watch a movie.."

After a few hours Termite 1 was still complaining that his arm was still hurting and he had gotten very quiet (no more running around... go figure!). So to the hospital we went.

Termite 2 had stuck his leg out and Termite 1 ran into it causing him to fall down and land on his arm. The triage nurse at the local hospital asked me if he had always had a bow in his arm... um NO! And that's why he needed surgery.

The joys of it all!

Moving In Day - 9th July

The school holidays were here and it was perfect timing cause we started moving in. We took over the beds, boys' lounge and TV + the DVD player. The boys spent their first night watching Bolt in their brand new home; never to return to the 'little house' ever again!The next day (Saturday) I snuck into each of the Termites' rooms and got a picture of them in their brand new rooms whilst they were still sleeping...On Saturday we continued on moving things in and I managed to get the Termites' rooms nicely organised: