Thursday, March 25, 2010

Progress on the Slab

On Monday I went by the house and a little more work had been done. The boards have been put around. We're getting ready for the concrete!

The boards on the left of the photo is where my bedroom will be. Unfortunately, the dirt covers up a lot of the boards. The boards on the right of the photo is the garage.

The photo below shows the boards of my bedroom and the western side of the house.

Today I went by the block again and the workers have put another course of boards around and started putting the plastic and mesh down.

This view is looking from the corner of what will be my bedroom!

This view is looking at the front of the house. My bedroom is on the left. The "indent" will be where the front door will be. The room on the right is the guest bedroom. The garage is then further to the right.

This is the guest bedroom and garage view.

Here we are looking 'through' the garage to the rest of the house.

More photos of the house to come. The concrete should be poured next week. The workers should be finishing off the mesh tomorrow but I won't post any more of those pictures.


  1. It's looking good Sharon. Once the slab is down things should move along nicely.

  2. Very promising....gets me very excited due to my house being built next....very busy day today at school..hope you got your bread!!