Saturday, March 27, 2010

Waffle Pods

Went up to the block today to see the progress and the waffle pods are in! I didn't realise that these pods are just foam blocks and the reason they are used is to cut down on the amount of concrete needed. This is what the waffle pods look like.

Here's an overall picture of what the pods look like in the foundation. You can see my room at the front and the indent on the right which will be the door entrance.

Here's the view of the front of the house. My room on the left, guest bedroom next and then the garage.

This is the garage. I have to admit; it looks awfully small. Will have to wait and see.

And here's the last photo I'll share for tonight: the view from the other direction. On the bottom right of the photo you can just make out the garage (wood) then it's the guest bedroom, indent for front door and then my room.


  1. Oh when is the big pour Sharon???

    Enjoy your Sunday. Are you doing anything special?

  2. I noticed you said It looks awful small...don't worry...we just had a new house built and I said the same thing.It's weird but when the walls go up everything seems bigger.Should be the other way around but the eye needs something to focus on and put measurements into perspective. It is so much fun to move into a new house...I hope all goes smoothly.