Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Now take a look at this picture and see if you can work out what's wrong with it.... and no, it's not a mistake that I am in Dubbo!

Any ideas?


Where are my Termites? NOT WITH ME!! I left them behind with their dad and I ESCAPED by myself, for the very first time in SIX years!! That's right... this is the first time I have been somewhere without my boys. Woohoo!!

The reason I'm in Dubbo without my boys? Well I travelled the six hours from home to attend my dad's 69th birthday party on Saturday. And why 69th and not wait until he turns 70? Because he's just plain rude that's why. He thinks it's funny that he's 69 and, yes, he is placing certain connotations to it.

That's my mum and dad above.

And here is my beautiful 'baby' girl Shayna (her name is Hebrew for beautiful). She was my original Termite, but since she's reached adulthood she can go by name.

And here's my sister Gosling (well Roslyn actually). And yes we are twins and yes we are identical twins but I am the prettier one and everyone knows that the older twin (that's me) is ALWAYS right. Hehe.

This is the clan. Mum, dad and their five kids. From left: me, eldest Debbie, brother Mark (second born), middle child Verlene and then baby sissie Roslyn (aka Rozz).

From us five kids mum and dad have 11 grandsons and 5 granddaughters; ages 3-1/2 to 27. At Christmas time we got a photo of all the grandsons together but two of the granddaughters weren't there when it was photo time so we got that photo this time. Back row: Mandy (Verlene), Maddison (Roslyn), Katie (Debbie). Front row: Shayna (mine), my dad, Chantelle (Mark). Notice we each got one girl? I think that's pretty neat.

Now I know that the purpose of travelling six hours was to attend my dad's 69th birthday party, but it just wouldn't be a trip if I didn't take in some shopping. Here's what I got:

I'm so into books at the moment. Now I just have to start some cooking!! Back to work in 4 days though.

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  1. Happy 69th DAD. How lovely to go and spend time with your family and extra special to have some me time.