Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finally Home & My Shopping Spree

Well after nearly two weeks away I am finally home and look what was waiting for me! A belated Christmas pressie to myself. I ordered these just before Christmas. They come from Quilt Expressions. This is the second time I have ordered from them. I like shopping online at this store as I can shop by colour.

It was good going home to visit family although the rain stopped us from doing a few things. A lot of time was spent indoors and, unfortunately for me, my boys discovered their cousin's XBox. This became a huge entertainment fix.

I did mention to get in lots of shopping though. Here's what I got:

I got these for the new house. My boys' bathroom will be a light green so either colour will go well. My enuite and the guest bedroom ensuite will both be brown tiled.

For the new house too! I didn't really need them but they were only $10 each (the mortar and pestal was $5). I bought them from Myer and they are a good brand; Maxwell and Williams. Am I convincing anyone here?

From Myer as well I picked up a set of 4 glasses for only $5 so I got 4 sets. I also got some ramkins. I've always wanted some. Perhaps after visiting a few cooking blogs and websites I just may get around to using them.

These are solely for decoration in my kitchen (well except for the photo frame). My kitchen will have white cabinets, black caesar stone (woo hoo!) and black wrought iron handles with.... red accessories. Can't wait.

I've mentioned these before on my blog. My niece has cooked from them and now that I am home I'm hoping to cook from them soon too.

These were my first buy. I walked past a Red Cross pre-loved clothing shop and saw the dress in the window. I loved it so bought it (OK is doesn't fit yet but it will). It cost $10! The skirt was only $8. Loved it too.

Then my sister took me to Katies. They had a 50% off sale. Who needs any more tempting than that? I just loved the orangey shirt. I have to wear a singlet top underneath. The top on the left was on the sale rack and I got it even cheaper cause it had a thread pulled in it.

Other purchases from Katies included a nice sheer black cardigan to wear over sleeveless dresses (not that I wear any just yet). The red cardigan is longer at the front than the back so it flows nicely.

The last clothing I got were two cardigans. I got the brown and black ones but the photo I took of both was blury so I only used the brown one. These are also from Katies.

My number 2 Termite (T2) is 5 in March so I bought him a few dinosaur things from Target and Angus & Robertson. They're packed away waiting for him. It was even his idea to put them away for his birthday.

Number 1 Termite (T1) is 6 on 11 January and he found this motorbike cushion. That's what he'll get from his brothers.

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  1. Goodness me you sure are helping the economy LOL by your lovely spending.You have purchased some great things for your new home and even spoilt yourself good on ya!!!!
    Also the termites got something. Did DH miss out???