Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look What's Come Home!

Now it's only taken 13 days (too many) but look who's come home to Mummy! Yeh....

So what do I do? What will I sew? I mean, I've been cutting out so much for different quilts and not really getting anywhere.

I find another quilt that I have been cutting out fabrics for that I didn't mention in a previous post. For this quilt though I need to make some half square triangles for it do even make the blocks so I do that...

And then I make up a few quilt blocks:

A simple nine patch. I came across this block on Keryn Emmerson's blog and she was kind enough to send me a copy of her instructions of her Half and Half quilt as featured in Australian Homespun magazine. Thanks Keryn!!

Now let's play around with it:

Let's put four of them together as Keryn did for her quilt and it looks like this.

Now we'll change the combination so it looks like this:
I like how this block appears framed. Very effective.

Now we'll flip the lights and darks and we get this block. I like this too, but I think if we combine the last two blocks it would be another great quilt.

Let's have a go:

Now couldn't you imagine these two blocks alternating in a quilt? That would be pretty effective.

Now as Maria has already mentioned in the comments section (before I could even finish this particular post and manage to 'tweek' the layout so I liked it) I should just do one quilt at a time - posted three other quilts that I'm cutting out for remember?

Good advice but I do like chaos. Thanks Maria!

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  1. Just do one at a time. If I remember rightly you had cut three and now found another so that will keep the machine stitching.Have fun