Sunday, January 17, 2010

THIS Woman Cooks

Well tonight I got out the book The Pioneer Woman Cooks and made up two of Ree's dishes. These are definitely not Weight Watcher friendly, but oh my goodness I enjoyed them so.

The first dish was Comfort Meatballs. So yummy. One of the ingredients was oats! I'm not sure whether I used the right oats but it still tasted good. Termite 1 wasn't overly impressed with the onion in it but he ate so he could get the next dish...

The dessert I decided to cook was Chocolate Sheet Cake. Now this is not for the dieter either but talk about different.
The cake is put on a biscuit tray not a cake tin but you have to make sure there is a lip to it. I actually liked how it was thin but chewy at the same time. Maybe I didn't make it properly (well I know the icing was a dismal failure) but it was still edible. The Termites loved it!

Next time I make this I would put some crushed Maltesers on top. Yum yum! Or maybe some coconut or perhaps crushed Violet Crumble or maybe a sprinkle of icing sugar....

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