Sunday, February 21, 2010

Keeping Kids Busy

Another fairly early morning. I got the Termites brekkie (pancakes of course), did some clothes folding and putting away (trying sooo hard to follow Flylady - would probably help if I read my email) and then thought I would get the wadding ready for my nephew's quilt.

Last night whilst reading another blog it was questioned how working mums and those with young children (that's definitely me) manage to spend any time doing anything creative. I found the answer to that. Here's what you do:

I let Termite 3 have some fun. He so enjoyed carefully making a track around the quilt. I even stopped pinning the quilt so HE could finish what he was doing. When he finished I took a photo of his achievements (at his request) and then told him I had to use some of the pins to finish pinning the quilt. He was fine with that.

So that's how I get to do anything creative.

Now since I've pinned the quilt (which I wasn't going to do until next weekend) I'm ahead of myself and I get to start quilting it next weekend instead - or maybe I'll start on Wednesday (that's my day off).

Oh, and amazingly... no cooking done today! Today it was about the quilts.


  1. well done...both quilt and child look good..what an achievement.

  2. Wow what a pretty quilt! It is hard to get things done with kids. I do okay in the kitchen most of the time but I don't know how I could sew with my little helpers!

    Thanks for saying hello- your blog is lovely!

    Have you see Cluck Cluck Sew, by the way? You would love her quilts!