Monday, February 1, 2010

Exciting News!!

Just when I thought I'd have nothing to really report on cause school has gone back and who really wants to know about school stuff, I got a confirmation today that my house should start getting built within the next 20 days! Wooooohooooo!!!!! This has been a looong time coming. Here's what it's going to look like (a few little changes and/or additions):

It will have five bedrooms, three bathrooms (OK one main bathroom and two ensuites), I will have my own living area AWAY from the Termites that I can shut off from them, my kitchen will have caesar stone benchtops and the other splurge is the air conditioning.

So yes, over the next few months I will be posting the building of the house cause, at the age of 40, this will be very first house as I've always rented.

The termites can't wait cause as they say about the house we're in now: "it's getting little" (I guess tho' they are just getting bigger!).

I'm so excited.... and I just can't hide it....


  1. Congratulation!!!How exciting for you all. I understand what the Termites mean as my DD2 demolished their 3X1 home for the same reason and they are building a bigger one on the block.
    I am looking forward to reading all your posts on the progress of your lovely home.

  2. Congrats , you must be so excited. Hope it all runs smoothly and is finished soon.