Monday, June 14, 2010

Kitchen Handles

I went into the house today and got to see the kitchen handles on. They look OK, but it's a bit hard to tell when everything is covered up because of the painting. The overhead cupboards were in plain view so I snapped a shot:
I then took another shot of the fridge/freezer space and pantries. See where the right pantry is? Well it opens up to the right. Makes sense doesn't it? Then the left side pantry should open up to the left - but it doesn't. It opens also to the right. Which I've decided I don't like.
When I took a closer look at the left pantry I noticed a mistake. Obviously the carpenter who installed the handles was thinking like I was, and thought the handle should go on the right so the cupboard opens to the left, but... cause the pantry opens to the right the handle had to be on the left... anyway, now I have a hole in the cupboard!I guess there's something else to get fixed... now I'm wondering whether I can now get the pantry redone so it does open to the left?

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