Saturday, June 5, 2010

Homemade Pizza

I'm a teacher. A special education teacher. We eat lunch in the classroom and I must say the kids in my class have some nice (and not so nice) lunches. Well this one particular day I was sitting down at the students' desks when I looked over at what JC was eating (I actually have two students with the initials JC and they are both in Year 5 - so I better refer to him as JJC) and saw the most delicious pizza. It was oozing with cheese and the crust looked so BIG. When I asked JJC where his mum got it from he said it was homemade! HOMEMADE!!! I was in awe.

So he went home and told his mum how much I loved the look of the pizza so I'm invited for dinner one night. I'm really, really tempted to take his mum up on the offer.

Anyway, I couldn't wait until for the invitation to be realised so I thought it would be a perfect Saturday night dinner.

First I made the pizza dough. The recipe for this was on the back of the label for the pizza trays I bought today.
Then I made pizza sauce from scratch. The recipe for this can be found on Recipe Girl. Although I didn't use Lori's pizza dough her recipe can be found here: pizza dough.
And after about 40min I got this:


  1. If my DH and I ever travel around Aussie again I am going to ask for your address Sharon so we can come to your gorgeous NEW HOME for homemade pizza!! YUMMY !!

  2. Hey!
    thanks for this info
    I think it can be very usefull for me, because I'm plannig a trip and my idea is to stay in short term apartments, and I think pizza will be the best options for meals..
    SO thanks, I'll try to make one :)
    wish me good luck!