Sunday, January 2, 2011


It's stinking hot and we're not game to go outside until after 6pm but I'm just sick of the kids sitting in front of the TV watching DVD's. I decide to take them to Coolbaggie Creek and go yabbying. My dad used to take us kids there when I was younger. We braved the heat and off we went. I took my nephew too.

Termite 2 absolutely had a ball yabbying. No sooner did we check one net then he was over to the next one. He wouldn't actually try and get the yabbies out of the net but he did carry the bucket of yabbies back to the car. We took them back to the farm and emptied them into Uncle Robbie's dam (yeh, the one we swim in... go figure).
There was a little island the Termites (and nephew) wanted to go to but I made them wait until it was a little more shaded. I sent my nephew over to see how deep it was (up to his knees). Termite 1 had the idea of taking his shorts off so he could get across. The other Termites copied the idea.

This concrete wall is rather steep. I didn't get any pictures of the Termites standing up on it to try and climb (silly AA battery digital camera mucking up). I will have to find the photos of me on it one day and make a comparison.

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