Saturday, January 9, 2010

Food and Wine Show

Today I went to the Shoalhaven Food and Wine Show. I enjoyed having a look around without my termites. I went to a cooking demonstration by Alive and Cooking's James Reeson. James made a delicious (well it smelt delicious) Prawn and Scallop Chowder. I wasn't going to wait in line to get a taste. I had things to buy!

And take a look at these fabulous strawberries.
They are by Lush Berries. They weren't cheap but I knew if I didn't take some home to my three termites (oh, ok, and me) then I would be thinking about them all day.

I also bought some Wasabi Mayonnaise and Yoghurt Covered Raspberry Licorice (this is already gone).

Yummy stuff!

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